Nov 13

Microsoft have banned as many as 1 million gamers from Xbox Live for breaching the Digital Rights Management system by using a modified Xbox 360.

User who have previously used a modified Xbox 360 on Xbox Live were shown the following message: “no recourse for terms of use violations”. Affected 360’s will still be able to use it offline, but in order to re-connect to Xbox Live, users must recover gamer tags from another Xbox 360.

This coincides with the highly anticipated release of the latest addition to the Call Of Duty franchise Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2. A statement from Microsoft suggests that it was timed to prevent the users from playing pirated copies of the game.

However I think it’s just think it’s been timed perfectly to increase sales of the Xbox 360 consoles. I would take a wild guess that over 50% of the 1 million banned will go out and buy a new Xbox, so that they can play the MW2. SNEAKY RUSSIANS.

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